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what happened to us

  • Autumn 2021

    Basic idea

    While studying the achievements of blockchain networks, we were working on ideas to provide a simple solution to the audience to record their historical or artistic works in the form of unique files, which are known today as NFT.
    that the idea of launching a dedicated blockchain network came to our mind

  • Winter 2022

    Amazing start

    Several blockchain cores were studied, checked and launched on the local server and finally the best version was selected for use and development.

  • Spring 2022

    Examining the challenges

    Setting up a digital currency for example and transaction testing on a dedicated blockchain network platform. Setting up a digital wallet and testing the definition of the network inside it. Defining the exclusive blockchain network inside the Metamask wallet and testing transactions on its platform

  • Summer 2022

    Setting short-term target

    The best popular event in the world, the Qatar Football World Cup. This was our decision for the first appearance among you. So, for this, we started with the football prediction site, where the new Smartland digital currency is introduced

  • Now

Myra Kelley

Lead Designer

Eric Potter

Lead Marketer

Elizabeth Weiss


Marcus Ashton

Executive Director

Christian Kohler


Margaret Elkins


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